Here At PrimaryOzTech

PrimaryOztech is an International company founded just to help you find all the latest tech products at the lowest or most affordable price, for all students or those that have a tight budget.

We have dedicated countless hours into negotiating the lowest price for you without compromising quality in any case. PrimaryOzTech has a huge variety of products to choose from, our store is very extensive and very reliable for all customers. Our delivery system is also top of the line, we have great suppliers that offer the best packaging which means that your packages won’t get damaged when they’re being transported to you. Just in case if something does go wrong, PrimaryOzTech offers a full refund and a 25% off your next order for your convenience. To learn more visit our Refund Policies

Here at PrimaryOzTech we also take security very seriously, our Privacy Policy should fill you in on all you need to know, you can find it at the footer of the website.

If you’re not happy about your purchase, you can simply send it back as long as you send it back before 30 days from arrival. Any concerns about your product you can simply email us at and a specialist will email you within 2 Business days 

Also feel free to take our short survey after purchasing a product at the end of the product you will receive a 5% discount on your next order.